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Adapt CrewSmart to your specific commercial priorities

CrewSmart is a cloud-based solution that can be tailored to the precise needs of your business.

Through ongoing consultancy, CrewSmart can adapt its service to meet your  specific commercial requirements. Be it through a specialised inventory tool, a communication system, or document alerts, CrewSmart can help you to focus completely on increasing the value of the service you deliver to your customers.

  • Contract management
  • Document management
  • Fleet performance reports

Oversee operations through a single portal

CrewSmart’s simple platform helps your operations team to manage assignments quickly and efficiently.

As a single point of entry to oversee your business’ CRM, financials, and contracts, as well as to manage sites, ports, vessels, and to direct personnel assignments, the CrewSmart system will let your operations team focus on the mission in hand.

CrewSmart also integrates directly with other mission-critical software tools. The system can be integrated with vessel monitoring platforms such as BareFLEET, and provides a single point of access to software such as Dropbox and Slack.

  • Fleet management
  • Vessel certification
  • Inventory management

Manage your invoices and accounts efficiently

CrewSmart streamlines financial administration and invoicing with contract and account tools designed to generate efficiencies across the business.

Vessel and crew logs automatically generate timesheets and invoices, and these are easy to check and verify through CrewSmart’s dedicated tools. Accounts and contact databases are fully integrated, simplifying invoicing and reporting, streamlining staff workflows and reducing time spent on administration.

  • Timesheets
  • Invoicing
  • Provides a simple overview of finances

Reduce your administrative burden

CrewSmart can help crew managers to focus on the job in hand - enhancing your business’ ability to deliver increased service value to your customers.

The CrewSmart system helps employees and contracted workers to keep their personal details and certifications up to date, actively reminding them on renewal.

The system can also be used as a full planning and rota tool, suggesting crew based on qualification requirements and allowing the easy swap-out of vessels and crew in seconds.

  • Crew planning & allocation
  • Complete qualification management
  • Travel itineraries and joining instructions
  • GDPR compliant
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