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Ports support the needs of oil and gas tankers, ro-ro, liquid and dry bulk, ferry and cruise companies, and every kind of commercial, military and leisure use of the sea imaginable. 

CrewSmart keeps you moving by optimising your assets.


With the introduction of ultra-large container ships to more ports and the opening of new multimodal terminals, training requirements can become difficult to manage.

We offer tools to easy setup multiple Training and Certification requirements based on Contract, Vessel, Site or Job Role. You can then be confident that your workforce is compliant.


Often documents need to be transfered from office to vessel quickly.

The IMS (Integrated Management System) section allows company documents to be stored in a central repository which can be accessed at any time by the vessel crew.

We also offer a communications tool which can send out an email within CrewSmart, need to contact all the Masters?

Just write the email, select the user group and send. 


Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

"We were apprehensive about using a company based in another time zone, however we were pleasantly surprised. The Support from CrewSmart has been exceptional from the initial onboarding phase to supporting our day-to-day operations."

CrewSmart’s System is a convenient solution for fleet, crew, vessels and project management. It lets us easily track any issues and makes sure the whole fleet can work efficiently. If we have any questions, the support team always reply quickly and get us sorted. Our company is very glad to use the CrewSmart system and will continue to use it.

With CrewSmart’s Inventory system time spent deploying PPE for Crew and Technicians has decreased dramatically. Using Near Field Communications (NFC), I can compile a kit bag in about five minutes with all the inspection reports attached. I can also track where our items are and when they are due to expire.

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