CrewSmart gives you complete maritime control of

Your end-to-end management tool for compliant, effective maritime operations

Your end-to-end management tool for compliant, effective maritime operations

CrewSmart gives you complete operational visibility, helps you optimise your business for efficiency, and allows you to demonstrate maximum value to your customers.

Are you compliant?

Failure to ensure compliance at all stages of your operation leaves your business open to legal, reputation and financial risks.

CrewSmart enables full regulatory compliance for your personnel and your fleet.

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Do you have complete visibility of your operations?

To take control, you need full visibility of all of your critical operational activity - on a single platform.

CrewSmart provides a single, end-to-end point of access for all of your essential data

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Is your business optimised for efficiency?

Without the ability to effectively prioritise, management challenges can escalate.

CrewSmart highlights pinch points, critical deadlines and bottlenecks before they become an issue.

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Are you demonstrating your value to customers?

As customer demands change, you need to consistently evidence the value of the service you provide.

CrewSmart helps you maintain the highest standards of service for your customer, without compromise.

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CrewSmart’s System is a convenient solution for fleet, crew, vessels and project management. It lets us easily track any issues and makes sure the whole fleet can work efficiently. If we have any questions, the support team always reply quickly and get us sorted. Our company is very glad to use the CrewSmart system and will continue to use it.

Town Chang

Fleet Administrator