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Financial Control
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Keeping track of your Financials

Track your Financials in one easy to use Portal

CrewSmart’s finance software allows vessel/ asset owners and operators to:

  • Track company turnover
  • Generate Invoices
  • Generate financial reports
  • View vessel rates and charges
  • Manage timesheets
  • Submit & approve employee expenses
  • Create different employment profiles

Individual companies can create different employment profiles within CrewSmart such as (but not limited to):

  • PAYE
  • Fixed term employment
  • Agency employment
  • Company to company employment
  • Self-employment

You can customise each employment profile to automatically calculate payments for holiday entitlement, statutory contributions, subsistence etc all in one place

Employee timesheets can be generated within CrewSmart. Each employee has live overview of their timesheet, they can check it is correct and raise any queries within the CrewSmart platform before it is submitted to payroll. (Please note CrewSmart cannot be used as an alternative to payroll software at this time. It can be used to generate all the required information costings such as salary, national insurance, holiday pay & tax ready for submission to payroll)

The easy-to-use financial reporting tools means that at the click of a button you can generate and export meaningful reports, either by vessel / asset or crew or as an entire company overview. 

Employees can submit expense claims directly in to the system, they can upload receipts and these can all be approved, queried or rejected all in one place.


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