Oil & Gas

Procedure driven, detailed incident analysis

Optimised & Safe

The Industry is becoming increasing competitive, can you afford to have non-conformities?

Health and safety is important for every industrial sector, but particularly so for the offshore oil and gas industry where the potential for a major incident is ever present.

We offer modules to identify non-conformities and ensure compliance

Compiance Score

The Compiance score is affected by multiple factors

  • Expired Vessel Certificates
  • Expired Inventory Items
  • Expired Crew/Technician Certificates
  • Unread IMS Documents

We break all this information down into an easy to understand list and calculate a percentage. This allows you to very quickly identify any areas that need attention.

You can also view a graph to see how things are progressing over time.

Vessel Operations

Get an overview of your entire fleet to track:

  • Planned Maintenance Progress
  • Open Defects
  • DPR Reports
  • Incidents

You can even display this data as a standalone dashboard, display it in your office and keep the whole team in the picture.



Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

With over a 1000 security personnel to manage we needed a solution that was optimised for managing Certification and Travel documents. With CrewSmart we have found that solution, we’ve added over 10,000 documents to the system so far! The team at CrewSmart are always keen to help and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Investing in digital CrewSmart technology provides distinct advantages for CWind’s fleet and operations team. As a result, we are ensuring that we can continue to deliver excellent service to our offshore wind clients, globally.

"We were apprehensive about using a company based in another time zone, however we were pleasantly surprised. The Support from CrewSmart has been exceptional from the initial onboarding phase to supporting our day-to-day operations."

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