Simple crew management for large scale deployments.

Streamlined Operations

With the average Port call time of a container ship at less than 24 hours you need efficient tools to match. Without the ability to effectively prioritise, management challenges can escalate. CrewSmart highlights pinch points, critical deadlines and bottlenecks before they become an issue.


The administration burden on a large ship can result in a bridge feeling more like an office, we minimize the burden for both the office and the crew aboard. 


Recording company KPI's can turn into a full time role, with numerous data points needing to be recorded. We allow custom KPI's to be created within CrewSmart these can be recorded manually or automatically via a VMS or as a result of a CrewSmart Action/Procedure.

CO2 Emissions

With the introduction of the Clean Maritime Plan and a commitment to reduce Green house gas emissions in shipping by at least 50% by 2050. Recording and reviewing emmision data is becoming essential. We can record this information for year on year comparision or to assist in the companies Carbon Management Plan

Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

CrewSmart’s System is a convenient solution for fleet, crew, vessels and project management. It lets us easily track any issues and makes sure the whole fleet can work efficiently. If we have any questions, the support team always reply quickly and get us sorted. Our company is very glad to use the CrewSmart system and will continue to use it.

CrewSmart makes my life much easier, leaving me time to focus on the important stuff. I no longer have to spend my time managing personnel details, and the headache of late-stage crew or vessel changes are now easy to handle, with updates automatically generated and sent to crew and relevant teams immediately

"We were apprehensive about using a company based in another time zone, however we were pleasantly surprised. The Support from CrewSmart has been exceptional from the initial onboarding phase to supporting our day-to-day operations."

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