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Crew Management
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Oversee your workforce qualifications with powerful management tools.
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Keep on top of qualifications Simple tools

Use our global qualification database to simplify control of your workforce's qualifications.

You can adapt your qualifications as you see fit for your company. Create/Edit/Delete/Categorise.

Through a simple to use clever system, you can define what qualifications your company requires for crew to fulfil their duties. It even understands if a quaification supercedes another one.

Your crew maintain their own qualifications to reduce office administrative overheads.

The office team is alerted to new qualifications being upload for validation.


Crew are scored individually on how complete their qualifications are. If you dont meet the criteria, you will not be allowed to be assigned to a vessel.

Qualification Flexibility

  • Job Type Requirements

    Select what qualifications all your crew require. For example Seafarers Medical Certificate (ENG1)

  • Job Role Requirements

    Next select what individual job roles require. Such as your Masters require a Master 200 or higher.

  • Vessel Requirements
    Specify individual vessels.

    Select requirements for each vessel if required. This again can be done on all crew and/or job role reqiuirement level.

  • Contract Requirements
    Unique Contracts

    Certain clients might expect a higher standard of seafarer for specific contracts. Not a problem.

Contract Specific Requirements
  • Simple intelligent export tools.
  • Qualifications are renamed to reflect what they are to simplify sending out qualifications to 3rd parties.

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