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Common Questions

Yes of course! Our software is not only attractive, but also extremely efficient. We have spent years crafting the user interface to ensure simplicity for our clients. Our friendly support team are always available to help you out if you get stuck!

Our software platform is extremely intelligent, with multiple unique modules and features for different tasks. Client satisfaction is our utmost importance, along with robust security of your data. We look after you and your data like no other company. Our fantastic support team are always available to give you a helping hand, and we develop modules / features based on your recommendations and requirements, generally as part of your subscription! We are rapidly growing the system in order to make it tailored to your exact requirements.

CrewSmart is available on every platform that can connect to the internet, it is cloud based which means your data is stored directly on the cloud so you can access it easily from any device from anywhere.

Currently as of today there isn’t a mobile application, but you are still able to access the mobile version of crewsmart just the same.

A mobile app is being planned and we will release news on this when we have more details.

To login to your account you will be given a private URL of which you will need in order to login, if you don’t know the URL please speak to your service administrator.

CrewSmart has Slack integration in order to easily find out information via slack. Integration is seamless with Slack, we’ll show you how to get started!

It’s a cloud-based solution, which means it’ll work both responsively and also within modern browsers. You won’t need to download CrewSmart physically on your machine, which accommodates utmost flexibility!

If you decide that you no longer need CrewSmart for whatever reason you can cancel your with no-obligation, CrewSmart gives you the flexibility to stop at any time.

CrewSmart is cloud based service so in order to receive data you will be required to have an internet connection.

If you have slow internet connection this would only slow the rate of which you navigate throughout the website but our website is optimised to be lightweight so this shouldn’t be an issue.


We appreciate that migrating your data across to CrewSmart could be seen as a lengthy process, however rest-assured that we’re on hand to provide a migration service for you, and help with every stage of your transfer, it’ll indefinitely be worth it!

It’s a cloud-based solution, which means it’ll work both responsively and also within modern browsers. You won’t need to download CrewSmart physically on your machine, which accommodates utmost flexibility!

Data & Security

We pride ourselves in making sure your data is secure with top-notch security and cyber-attack prevention tools. Your data is always backed up and in safe hands, with GDPR compliance.

If you have forgotten your password you can easily reset it from the login screen, to do this just click ‘Forgot password?’ link (located below the password login box) which will send an email with a link to your inbox where you will be able to reset your details.

Our comprehensive compliance management feature includes regression intelligence to output compliance scoring based on your inputted data (e.g user qualifications, crew scheduling). This is super useful to see both a detailed structure of your compliance strength / weaknesses, or to view quick insights on how compliant you currently are, in different areas.

You can add as much data as you require as of now there is no limit.

If in the case CrewSmart goes down you can get into contact with the CrewSmart office to see why you can’t connect, you can give us a call via our office number 01206 625 777 or email us at support@crewsmart.co.uk


Yes we generally offer a 1 month free trial so you can evaluate the features of CrewSmart. This is to insure that CrewSmart is perfect for your requirements and we’re confident that you’ll love it just like our many clients do. More information here: www.crewsmart.co.uk/request-crewsmart-demo/

CrewSmart was originally developed for the Offshore Wind Farm CTV (Crew Transfer Vessels) market however it has now evolved to cater for any marine environment and even branched out to cater for aircraft and private health.


We pride ourselves in being very competitively priced in the market, to suit your current business size and a scalability model which adapts to your business volume. Contact us today for more information on pricing!