Planned Maintenance (PMS)

Manage your maintenance and protect your asset

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Planned Maintenance Overview
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Key Points
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Intuitive Planned Maintenance System

Optimise your assets

CrewSmarts intuitive planned/preventative maintenance system makes managing asset maintenance easy.

  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Cut costs
  • Prevent breakdowns

Completion of tasks can also be logged against KPI's meaning you can see areas where problems are likely to arise and tackle them quickly.


Plan Better

Use the estimator tool and input the amount of hours you expect to do daily and the maintenance scheduler will show you when the job will be due next.

With our system Completed tasks are logged against the item, if the item gets assigned to another Asset the history stays with it.

You can also store the estimated cost to complete a job giving you a forecast of maintenance costs.


Easy Migration

Work instructions can be added to the Library in either .PDF or using our own Builder.


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