What is CrewSmart?

CrewSmart is a cloud based system designed for the commercial maritime industry.

CrewSmart is a developing web app meaning that you will receive continuous updates and new features as part of your subscription.

Crew requirements alter on a monthly basis and CrewSmart is designed to grow and shrink with your business.

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User Management

Crew are able to login and maintain their own details, reducing admin time. You can also be alerted to changes and approve profiles.

Create & Manage Users & Permissions
Comprehensive Medical Details
Next of Kin Information
Travel Preferences
GDPR Data Compliant
Assign/Control User Groups
Manage Employment details
Online Contract - Digital Signatures
User Certification
Employment Control


Assign vessels to contracts
View vessel operations along side planned operations
Scheduled vs Actual
Assign crew
Use as a planning & rota tool
Intervene schedules - swap out vessels and crew in seconds
Drag & drop functionality

Full crew management & automatic suggestion - based on qualification requirements for the job role.

Full itinerary and document/travel ticket storage. Auto-PDF generation including site joining instructions, port amenities and fellow crew details.

Qualifications Management

Qualification management
fully tailored to your requirements
Manage expiring and expired qualifications
Full document management
Integrated with task management system

Vessel Management

Manage your entire fleet within one system, which links with other fantastic features

Fleet Planning
Work Schedule & History
Vessel Performance
Fleet Performance
Certification - Integrated task managed alert system

Contracts & Accounts

Accounts - sub accounts
Financial reports
Contract details, including assigned vessels
Document storage
Important contact database for invoicing & delivery addresses

Sites & Ports

Record port information, fuelling docks, local shops, site agents, photos and restaurants.

Whatever could be useful for your crew visiting an unknown port.

Record site information:

Site Joining Instructions
Site Inductions
Contracts and site performance

To arrange a free demonstration and
to find out what CrewSmart can do to streamline your business, contact enquiries@crewsmart.co.uk