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Crew Manager

Effortlessly plan Crew rota's

Drag & drop your crew onto your contracted vessels or use the smart suggestion tool.

Smart suggestions will recommend which crew are best suited for the role based on:

  • Qualifications
  • Distance to Travel
  • When they last worked
  • Availability
  • Uttilisation 


Configure your travel itineraries, travel tickets and joining instructions.
Send out notices of assignment in a click with all the information and
documentation your crew and technicians need to join a vessel or

Respond to changes in operations

If for example you need to swap out a vessel at short notice, we have several tools to help you achieve this in a couple of clicks. If the requirement for work increases you can swtich the vessel to run 24 hours with a simple click.

Medical Acknowledgement.

We offer an option for your crew to acknowledge their Notice of Assignment. They are also automatically sent an email with a link for them to complete a medical review. Confirm if they are/aren't on any medication and digitally sign the form. We have also introduced questions designed to conform with standard COVID-19 prevention protocol.


Crewing Requirements

Be alerted to upcoming crewing requirements. You have planned the schedule so based on the assigned vessels we know what crew you will need to operate your vessels. Therefore we can look ahead in time and warn you about potential crewing shortages so you can act in a timely manner.

Live information at your fingertips

Download crew rotas and email IMO crew lists at a click of a button



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