Full regulatory compliance for both personnel and fleets

Stay firmly on top of legal, reputational and financial risks to your business.

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Ensure complete compliance across vessel certification, equipment certification, inventory, planned maintenance and safety management


  • CrewSmart's unique compliance scoring system provides an instant, top-level update for senior teams to understand compliance across vessel certification, personnel  qualifications, inventory, planned maintenance.

CrewSmart takes the administrative burden off of your crew manager by giving employees and contracted workers have ownership over their personal details. The system will actively remind them if any certifications are due for renewal and alert the crew manager should personnel not be qualified for an allocated task.  

CrewSmart enables full regulatory compliance for both personnel and fleets.


  • An ‘audit-killer’, that stands up to scrutiny from third-parties such as customers, ISO accreditation or industry
  • Compliance oversight of vessel certification, equipment certification, inventory, planned maintenance and safety management
  • Compliance score provides instant status update for senior teams to assess
  • Employees and contracted workers can ensure their certificates are up to date, and are actively reminded on renewal.
  • Tasks managed through structured workflow support with ownership and appropriate escalation in line with QHSE control, audit findings, surveys, inspections and KPIs.
  • CrewSmart tackles the ever-increasing administrative burden created by GDPR regulations.

Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

CrewSmart makes my life much easier, leaving me time to focus on the important stuff. I no longer have to spend my time managing personnel details, and the headache of late-stage crew or vessel changes are now easy to handle, with updates automatically generated and sent to crew and relevant teams immediately

Investing in digital CrewSmart technology provides distinct advantages for CWind’s fleet and operations team. As a result, we are ensuring that we can continue to deliver excellent service to our offshore wind clients, globally.

With over a 1000 security personnel to manage we needed a solution that was optimised for managing Certification and Travel documents. With CrewSmart we have found that solution, we’ve added over 10,000 documents to the system so far! The team at CrewSmart are always keen to help and nothing is too much trouble for them.

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